The Maoist terrorist Communist Party of the Philippines is currently cajoling their surrogates in government and ‘fellow travellers’ to make strong representations with President Benigno Simeon Aquino III for the release 17 political prisoners under detention by the government.

ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover issued this statement as he called on the PNoy government to uphold the rule of law and never commit again the mistake of hastily ordering the release from detention of the Morong 43, last year. “Sison is trying to launch a coup d’ grace against PNoy using some of those in government who are more than willing to help the Maoist terrorist’s cause and not just simply for peace,” said Rep. Alcover in reaction to Sison’s recent meeting with Sen. Kiko Pangilinan at the NDF headquarters in Utrecht, Netherlands. (July 8, 2011,

“Jose Ma. Sison unilaterally and deliberately stalled the peace negotiation with the government panel, set to resume last June 2011, when government refused to release from detention Tirso Alcantara and Alan Jazmines after it found that contrary to the claims made by the Maoist CPP-NDF panel, the two are not among those in the list of terrorist personalities covered by the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG),” said Rep. Alcover.

Reacting to Sen. Pangilinan’s statement that he will personally relay to his party mate, President Aquino III, Sison’s condition, “This is a glaring example of a fellow traveller trying to pursue an objective that is in stark contrast to the position of the government that he represents as member of the Philippine Senate. In the first place, Sen. Pangilinan did not deny his affiliation then with the Maoist terrorist group and his so-called understanding of the causes of Maoist terrorist insurgency being a student activist in the 80’s. It is ANAD’s hope that Sen. Pangilinan shall tell the President things that would serve the best interest of our country under the aegis of freedom, democracy, and peace,” Rep. Alcover explained.

Reminding Filipinos to be wary against continuing Maoist terrorist deception using the peace talks to advance their national democratic revolution, Rep. Alcover said that the CPP 5- year plan explicitly states that – - – “The political struggle is being waged by the CPP against the party in power and against any and all opposition parties. The CPP considers political struggle as a mode of defensive actions and uses negotiations (including peace negotiations) not as a mode of settling conflicts but as an instrument of warfare.”

“Government must realize the futility of its efforts in seeking peace with a group that does not believe in holding negotiations to settle conflicts. This is the reason why since the beginning of the many peace talks, the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF has not and always shall never be sincere in seeking the path of peace with any government from the time of President Cory and until today, under the leadership of her son, PNoy,” he cited.

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