“The economy shall heavily be blown and then our dear free and democratic country shall fall!”

This is the dark scenario painted by the ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist in reaction to the challenge posed by Chief Justice Renato Corona to the 188 Congressmen-Complainants and 1 Senator-Judge to sign a waiver to the confidentiality of all bank accounts, open the same to public scrutiny including all records pertaining to their respective real property(s) and their Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net worth (SALn).

“While we welcome this development in the spirit of real transparency and accountability of public servants, especially those elected by the people, ANAD is much concerned about the negative implication it brings to the economy of the country,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover adding that this is Maoist communist machination, in its finest form, intended to bring down the economy of our country.

“What happens if foreign investors withdraw all of their money deposited under dollar accounts with the banks for fear that these maybe subject to opening and
investigation by the government?” asked Rep. Alcover fearing a bank run that may ensue and the flight of dollar denominated capital out of the country.

“Practically, it is not PNoy who stands to benefit from the disclosure of dollar accounts but the Maoist communists, with emphasis to those who are now in Malacañang, that remain fixated on the belief that this could stimulate a bank run of dollar investments and followed by a debilitating economic blowout!” Rep. Alcover added.

He explained that the communist manipulators were simply using the Corona impeachment case to push their veiled and devilish program to bring down our free and democratic government. “What other way could they skillfully use but ask CJ corona to sign a waiver to his dollar account/s and the subsequent amendments to some pertinent banking laws to hasten its compliance, in the future,” said Rep. Alcover.

“The treachery attendant to the many Maoist communist posturings cannot escape anyone’s notice: a) the Kilusan Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP), a Maoist communist sectoral front organization in agriculture, opposing PNoy’s efforts to save Hacienda Luisita but their counterparts in Bayan Muna, Gabriela, Bayan, are boisterous in supporting PNoy in the latter’s wild goose chase of CJ Corona; and b) even if the Maoist communist partylist group Representatives in Congress issues a call to their co-complainants and to Senator-Judge Franklin Drilon to do sign the waiver. The end state shall be chaos which ultimately will
translate to political and economic uncertainty for the country,” Rep. Alcover added.

“After the smoke has cleared and the Senate-Impeachment Court already has rendered its verdict, either of acquittal or conviction, the Chief Justices shall come out badly wounded and heavily scarred by the insidious barrage of black propaganda unleashed by Malacañang against him, covering more than 5 months. However, the real loser is the Filipino people who shall bear the brunt, backlash, and suffering as a result of the economic slowdown that may ensue leading to its eventual collapse,” the sole pro-democracy solon stressed.

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